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Spring by Nicola Davis 

Spring is the busiest season. Plants and animals are waking up after their winter rest and there's so much to do - flowers to grow, eggs to lay, babies to feed. Everywhere you look there's something happening.

I love this verse from one of my children's favourite books, A First Book Of Nature, written by children's author and biologist, Nicola Davis. Spring has, indeed, been a busy season this year. I have never experienced such a quick turnaround in climate in such a short period (see April's Free 52 entry). The weather did not properly warm up until May. This finally brought an abundance of growth both out in nature and on the farms. I love seeing the trees come into leaf. The colour green makes me think of harmony, renewal, life, freshness, as well as nature.

Outdoor adventures

My family and I have been spending more time outside walking in the woods and visiting nature reserves. It is so lovely to spend time out in the countryside again. My young boys love to explore and play in these natural areas, and each time we visit I always see a remarkable growth in them since the last time we visited, maybe six months ago or more before the winter. 

Open Garden Day at Island Hall, Godmanchester

At the end of May, we also went to the open garden weekend at Island Hall in Godmanchester. It is one of 62 gardens in Cambridgeshire that opens its gardens to the public a few times a year, as part of the National Garden Scheme to help raise funds for charities. Island Hall is also a private house with beautiful landscaped garden and a wild area. It is open as a wedding venue for couples looking to get married....And if you are searching for a natural wedding photographer with a creative and candid approach, I have started to offer wedding photography packages if you like to enquire further details.

Woman sitting on bench in front of Island Hall, Godmanchester
Two boys playing on the boat by the river
Children in a boat by the river
Boys playing by the river in the garden of Island Hall, Godmanch
Boy walking in front of gate at Island Hall garden, Huntingdon

Cambridgeshire Bluebell Woods and West Lodge Farm Park

I completely missed sharing my April freelensed photos with my freelensing blog circle last month, so sharing a few here that fits in with the Spring theme, including our first visit to West Lodge Farm Park in Northamptonshire, to see the new baby animals.

Child feeding goats
Sheep freelensed photo
Piglets sleeping
Child in a Wildlife Trust bluebell woodland
Bluebells freelensed photo
Boy and his sticks

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