Rock pools and Caves | Free 52 Project Personal work | Cambridge & Cambridgeshire Family Photographer

Our freelensing circle of artists took a break during the summer.

I had intended to spend the summer capturing my children as they went on their little adventures, but somehow summer just flew by and I didn’t pick up my camera as much as I thought I would. This was not such a bad thing. It allowed me to decompress after a busy work season, be present with my children, and immerse myself in our daily activities over the summer holidays.

Below are some photos taken from our trip to Northumberland for our freelensing blog circle, The Free 52 Project. Click on an image to enlarge. Then, go to my friend and fellow freelensing artist, Lauren Frost Jensen, to see her freelensed images from this summer HERE. Follow around our blog circle until you’re back here.

Rock pooling

Somewhere between Bamburgh and Seahouses on the Northumberland coast.

St Cuthbert’s Cave, Lowick

Took the off-beaten track to explore the countryside around the Cheviot Hills.

Freelensing is an advanced technique of tilting the lens around the camera with the lens off the camera body to produce artistic blur and light leaks in the images. To follow my previous freelensing posts, go to the tag #thefree52project.

Dear Photographer Magazine: BLACK & WHITE ISSUE | Published work | Cambridgeshire Documentary Wedding and Family Photographer, Diana Hagues Photography

With the summer holiday now over and the kids seen off back to school, I have only just been able to sit down and have a proper look through my copy of the Dear Photographer Magazine that landed on my desk last week.

This stunning coffee table magazine features over 120 artists’ photographs inside eight collections. The collections included: The Interesting Composition, Portrait, Movement and The Moments In Time. There were also seven articles written by featured guests artists, who are all beautifully skilled in using the art of black and white photography.   

A portrait of me appeared alongside some amazing self-portrait artists under the P52radness collection. One of my most raw self-portraits and photography I have made so far. It was so lovely and an honour to see this in print after my image was also featured under the Powerful Monochrome P52radness collection in this blog HERE back in the Spring.

Once again, I would like to thank the magazine’s editor-in-chief, Janel Peyton, and the founder & CEO, Adri de la Cruz, for their dedication and hard work to create this magazine. Also for giving a platform to share and support artists in this art form of photography. 

Thank you.

Diana x

Dear Photographer Magazine Black + White issue
Artist Diana Hagues self-portrait in black + white

Let It Teach Us About Us - Some poignant words by artist, Ana Myer, on what a good black & white photo can teach us about us, as well as the moral of a story in a black and white photograph.

An article inside the Black and White Edition of Dear Photograph
Internationally published Diana Hagues Photography, Cambridge U.

Bamburgh Beach (Short family film) | Personal project: Artefact Motherhood | Family Documentary Photographer Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk

Your father and I visited Northumberland on our first holiday together. We stayed on Lindisfarne (Holy Island) and we had wonderful memories of spending time exploring the Northumberland coast. It was a place that we said we would love to go back to. Little did we know that we would be coming back, thirteen years later, with two little humans and our family dog as well.

I made a short film of our time spent on Bamburgh beach. Both of you said it was your favourite beach of all the ones we went to because it had rock pools for hunting out crabs, sand dunes to roll down and large jellyfishes to find on the beach. You even saw some puffins while out on a boat trip around the Farne Islands and conquered the long walk to Dunstanburgh castle. An old ruin that was once the focus of the long battle in the War of the Roses. 

As we packed our bags to go home, I made a vow with your father that we would come back here. Hopefully this time it won't take too long before we visit again.

A few selected photos from Bamburgh beach: 

People on Bamburgh beach on the Northumberland coast
Ringed plover on Bamburgh beach
Lion's Head Jellyfish on Bamburgh beach
Black and white photograph of a boy and his dog in the sea
Child on the sand dune at Bamburgh beach
Boys playing on Bamburgh beach
Child walking on the beach at Bamburgh

This post is my contribution to a beautiful project I am a part of with other female photographers that document our journeys as mothers and creating memories for our children through our photographs and words. It's called ARTEFACT MOTHERHOOD.

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