Real photographs told with real emotions and connections

I create photographs that reflect who you are, the feelings of that moment and show you the connections you have with the people in them.

Because that was how I felt looking through my family albums when I was child and even now.

Moving to England at a young age meant photographs was a way to connect me to my family and relatives living abroad. 

I want to do the same for you —

give you a visual story that will transport you back to how you felt and want to remember forever.


You see the value of photographs, but you don’t have many displayed at home

I know how hard it is to exist in your photos. You have loads of images of your children and maybe less than a handful of you in them. Let’s change that.

Maybe the timing wasn’t right. The house is too messy and cluttered.

Or the thought had entered your mind wondering if you are good enough to be in your own photos.

Being in front of the camera myself as well as behind it, I can relate to all those feelings.

I’ll capture you without judgement and value your trust and openness to allow me to shine a light over your real life’s moments and existence. 

Because your moments matter and so do you.


Some random facts about me:

  • I spent 9 years working for environmental NGOs, because when I was a kid I watched the film Born Free and dreamed of working with animals.

  • I have a fear of spiders, but oddly I’ve held a tarantula. 

  • My kids like to leave Lego and marbles on the floor that’s how I developed my ninja skills if you ever watch me photograph!

  • I’ve always had this vision of baking with my kids and having a homely-smell in our house, but the reality is the cakes (and food) always turn out a bit burnt.


I’ve won multiple awards and have been featured in Click Magazine, Dear Photographer, Emotional Storytelling, Family Photojournalist Association, London School of Photography, The Documentary Movement and amongst others. I am a family photojournalist under the Documentary Family Photographers and was named by ClickinMoms as a female photographer to watch in 2019. I also write a blog that is listed in the UK Top 100 Photography Blog.