2018 VOICE Image Collection and Photography Competition | Cambridgeshire Family and Wedding photographer Diana Hagues Photography

While a lot of people were getting ready to celebrate counting down to the new year and the start of 2019, I received an exciting email just before midnight, that finally confirmed that I had two of my images selected in the 2018 Voice Image Collection - under the Colour and Self-portrait categories. Both were placed as finalists amongst the 210 images chosen and featured in the photography competition. This was out of the 48,000 submitted to Click & Company - the organisation behind the hosting of this annual photography competition.

I had submitted to the competition for the first time in 2017, but did not win anything. So I was amazed to have found two of my images made it through the judging rounds. The collection of images in this photography competition is outstanding and past winners include a wide array of talented photographers in different genres of photography from all over the world. To say I was honoured to be amongst such huge talent means a lot!

Click Away Conference Print Gallery Exhibition & Click Magazine Jan/Feb 2019

My photographs will now be part of a print gallery exhibition at the Click Away Conference in Dana Point, California, happening in February 2019. (A slight disappointment that I won’t be able to go and see my images in person, though I imagine it will be a spectacular event). The photographs is also now available online to view alongside the collection of other winning images in the photography competition HERE. Finally, there is a print and digital version of the Click Magazine that features in a special edition all the 2018 Voice Collection photographs. I will be sharing some images from the magazine as soon as I can get my hands on a print copy.

My sincere thanks goes to Click & Company for putting this annual competition together. And, to my supporters, friends, family and clients, who placed huge trust in me and my photography business in 2018. I found myself wanting to broaden my photography and stretch my creative capacity last year, and was so fortunate to participate in some wonderful photography projects (The Slow Photography Movement and Travelling Mustard Dress Project), which set the goals for the making of my photographs below.

It’s a great way to start the year of 2019.

Happy New Year, everyone! X

Images from the Click & Company website:

Click e-notification.jpg
Boy in the Orange Jacket.jpg
In the Face of the Storm.jpg
Click Mag Jan 2019 cover.jpg