Spring awakening: Free 52 photography project {March} | Personal work | Huntingdon, Peterborough, Cambridge

I really love living in this country. In how many places on earth do we get to experience four different seasons in a year? Ok, I have only lived in two countries - one of which is my birth country, Hong Kong. However, it never escapes me how weird and wonderful our tiny Isles are with their changing moods and scenes in line with the different weather systems that happen to come our way.

For anyone who knows me well, then they will know that my slight obsession with watching the weather and seeing how the season unfolds is more than just a hobby of mine. In my past life, I was an environmental scientist. Or I still am one, apart from photography has taken over my life in the last few years. Therefore, I cannot help but record bits of nature; journalling my feelings and observations of the seasonal changes through my photographs. Even though winter defiantly held spring back this month.

Beast of the East 2018

Winter snowstorms from Russia.

Spring flowering

A glimmer of hope and colour.

Floodwaters - Easter weekend 

Water breaking the banks of the river Great Ouse due to the heavy rainfall at the end of March.

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