Documentary Baby photography: An alternative approach to an in-home lifestyle and studio portrait session | by Cambridge family photographer Diana Hagues

I love observing the adoring looks that parents give to their new baby. Maybe I recognise those looks of how you cannot take your eyes off your baby, to absorb every feature of their face or expressions, because you are simply fascinated by how quickly they change and also how beautiful they are. It really is true that having a baby becomes the centre of your universe.

I met Martin and Laura on one fine autumn day eight weeks fresh of them becoming new parents to a baby girl. They had wanted their first professional family pictures outside in one of their favourite spots. Being an outdoorsy couple, the country park seemed a perfect place to introduce their daughter to somewhere that they both enjoyed and no doubt she would soon be running around in herself. The familiar environment and outdoor setting also made the session felt more relaxed. Although I was already impressed upon meeting Martin and Laura how relaxed they were as parents - the love and happiness they had for their daughter, and as a couple, was so visible throughout our session together.

I loved my time with this family. I loved that they wanted something a little bit different to create memories of them that best represents who they are. Seeing the love of the parents and meeting their gorgeous baby girl gave me great joy in being able to record this very special period of their lives for them.