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Do you have a favourite family tradition in the run-up to Christmas? Like Christmas tree decorating, Christmas crafts with the kids (involving lots of glitter!), family reunions or working out how to get that gingerbread house to stay up.

Mine is getting the Christmas tree and joining in with the children to decorate it. Usually we pull our artificial tree out of the loft that we have had for years, but last year we treated ourselves to a real one. The heavenly scent of fresh pine smells so delicious and we have some Christmas songs playing in the background as we decorate.

In the past, we've lost a few baubles along the way in the reach of little hands, but I'm hoping with the children now a little older we won't see too many casualties. They will still need supervision to help put the decorations on the higher branches, but we don't mind if the tree looks a bit bottom-heavy with Christmas decorations.

We are going to get a real Christmas tree again and I am looking forward to take the children to our first visit to an actual Christmas tree farm this year, which I am sure deserves documenting in pictures.  

Would you like your fun family tradition captured with some beautiful photographs this holiday season and give yourself the chance to be in your family photos too? Hurry to book your Christmas storytelling sessions - dates are booking up fast!

Christmas tree decoration - Cambridge Storytelling Photography
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