Civilization: The Way We Live Now | Book Launch & Photography Award | Documentary Photographer, Cambridge and Cambridgeshire

January has been a humbling month.

With the announcement of the Voice collection and winning photographs at the start of the month. Swiftly followed by the news from Clickinmoms and being placed on their list of female photographers to watch. I had slightly overlooked, well not overlooked, but failed to share that one of my black and white photographs came second place in the London School of Photography competition

The competition was launched by the school of photography in partnership with Thames and Hudson publishers to celebrate the publication of a new photography book by William A. Ewing and Holly Roussell called ‘Civilization: The way we live now’ (available on Amazon). 

I was honoured to have my image selected for a winning photo out of all the entries they received from photographers of different countries around the world that were submitted for the theme of the book title. 


The black and white photograph that I submitted of a mother and her two children in their family kitchen was shot during a Real Motherhood session, which I offer as short photo sessions to mothers who would like a part of their daily life documented in photographs so they could see themselves in their own photos with their children, and also see the love in the rituals of their family life. 

The words accompanied by the judges was heartwarming to read:

“No matter where we are in the world, mothers will continue to have an important role in the thriving of any civilization. Juggling careers and family responsibilities, passing knowledge through generations, this image felt very “familiar” to all of us.” 

Black and white photograph of an everyday scene in the kitchen

As a family documentary photographer, my role serves two main purposes that is to give families beautiful and meaningful photographs that reflect who you are and the feelings you felt in that moment. It’s also about capturing your authentic story in a honest way, and without judgement, to shine a light on your everyday. Because your everyday is beautiful, even if it’s perfectly imperfect.

To have the judges’ words and winning an award in the competition means a lot. It means this image has value, a universal meaning and can be related by everyone.

Diana Hagues is an award-winning documentary newborn, family and wedding photographer, who specialises in making photographs that captures the true feelings and authenticity of your story. Covering Cambridge, Ely, Huntingdon and Cambridgeshire as well as counties of Norfolk, Suffolk and beyond. Email me to receive more information about booking a photography session at