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You know when you have children. You start realising that life becomes a fine balancing act and you’re doing your best to juggle parenting duties with your spouse, trying not to lose your cool over the kids when they’re not doing as they were told or take their playfulness to the next level.

You might also be picturing what it was like for your parents as you were growing up — imagining what it felt like for them to manage the household and delegating the duties, while simultaneously looking after you and perhaps your siblings. When one parent works away from home for extended periods of time or your family goes on the road, maybe transatlantically moving across countries. The balance of family life is shifted even more. This I have learnt from my own experience of having my dad working aboard and my mum taking on the full-time job of solo-parenting my brother and I, while also running our home. 

Photographing the Perry family for their half day-in-the-life documentary family session reminded me of my own early years. The mother had told me that she had looked into getting some professional photographs of the children done in the past, but because they had moved around different countries in both the U.S. and south-east Asia, she never managed to have the pictures taken. Indeed, I hardly saw any family photographs in the home. 

Now being based back in England, she wanted some photographs of her children while they were still young and have some memories of their daily life captured… Who knows where her husband’s job might take them again? For now, they were glad to be in one place and carry on a normal family life together.

Thank you for inviting me capture a typical Saturday morning for you.

Copy of Breakfast scene boy eating his bowl of cereal with milk moustach
Copy of Mother wiping her boys nose in the park
Copy of dad and his two children share a tender moment together - Diana
Copy of two siblings having a playfight in their home -Diana Hagues Phot
Copy of Conversations at the table during the family mealtime - Diana Ha
Copy of Black and white photograph of girl landing on the sofa
Copy of Playing ball on the stairs in day in the life photo session
Copy of Son giving his mother a kiss goodbye at the door - Diana Hagues

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