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A few days ago a package arrived in my letterbox all the way from America. Inside was an issue of the Dear Photographer magazine - their third publication since they launched the magazine in summer 2017. The magazine was created to showcase photographers’ work from around the world. Photographs that are not only just pretty pictures on a page, but are curated for their work of art and visual narrative. 

Each publication was based on a theme. So far, they’ve had: Epic Summer (launch magazine), Light and Details. 

I was lucky enough to have one of my self-portraits featured in the Light issue earlier this year out of over 13,000 images submitted globally. A surprise in itself as I knew of so many incredible artists who take stunning ‘light’ images in their work. The popularity of this magazine issue was made more noticeable by how quickly it sold out within the first day of it being available.

I didn’t hold my hopes up the second time around when the editors made a call for submissions for the Details issue. This time, out of over 8700 images, I learned that one of mine was accepted. It was an image I had taken from my very first family session. The image is one I have on my homepage and you can view the family storytelling session in my portfolio. The image shows the father putting his hand on his daughter’s back as he supports her during one of her early bike rides. For any parent teaching their children how to learn to ride a bike will know that a child being able to ride their bike is a milestone; a personal triumph for the child and also a proud moment from the parents’ perspective. This photograph signifies this moment. It’s a detail in the narrative of this family’s story. 

It was an honour to see the image placed in the Touch collection and amongst talented artists who I greatly admire and feel inspired by. 

A sincere gratitude to Janel and Adri of Dear Photographer magazine for this feature. Also, to this family and everyone who place their trust in me to capture them in their raw and real moments. It’s details like these that I’d love to preserve for you and make these moments last a lifetime.

Dear Photographer feature May Issue Details
Dear Photographer feature May Issue Details
Touch image in Dear Photographer magazine by Diana Hagues Photog

This photograph of my boys and I was also featured in the Dear Photographer blog

Dear Photographer feature May Issue Details

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