Free 52 project | Travelling Mustard Dress project | Cambridgeshire Photographer Diana Hagues

Freelensing is the art of taking the lens off and tilting it against the camera body to create slivers of focus and dreamy blur. For the second year running, I have joined in the Free 52 project with some friends and a group of women photographers who like to freelens to give themselves unique and stunning imagery that tells a magical story of their everyday.

Below are some images taken from last month. When you have finished taking a look, please take a moment to stop by my friend Lauren Frost Jensen to check out her beautiful work from this last winter and follow around our blog circle.


Blowing away the cobwebs

The new year meant a fresh start. I am probably one of a few people that find January freshly appealing. It’s like starting a brand new pad of paper and being presented with a clean sheet that allows me to write down my thoughts freely without the clutter of previous scribbles. I don’t class myself as a writer though. Instead I see things more visually with my mind - a mind that needed emptying as much as filling. After feeling like I was walking constantly on a tightrope of balancing life and work, I needed some reminder to consciously take a step back and just breathe. The way I do this is by going on walks and spending quality time with those I love. Simple things, but easily taken for granted.

Some images from a family walk in a country park.


The Travelling Mustard Dress

This next set of images were also taken in January on what turned out to be one of the coldest days we have had so far this year. In fact, I think it had snowed that week that my friend Emma Collins and I had arranged to do some portraits of each other for a couple of travelling dress projects. The second of which I will have to share later.

The Travelling Mustard Dress is a project that involves a community of British and Irish female photographers and one mustard dress. It began last year and I was one of the lucky ones to have had the chance early on to wear it and create some self-portraits on the beach, which you can see and read in this blog post. Each photographer could make their own self-portrait or buddy up with another photographer to create their own vision of the dress. 

These were a few images I freelensed of Emma in Cambridge. I was a bit rusty with freelensing at that point as I hadn’t picked up my camera through most of the winter, so I have to thank her here for being so patient with me standing out in the cold whilst I captured her portraits to get that magical dreamy image that comes with freelensing. Doesn’t she look stunning?