Free 52 project {February}: When the light comes in | Personal work | by Huntingdon, Ely & Peterborough family photographer Diana Hagues

Come February I am itching to go outside, drag my feet to wherever it would take me and not be stuck indoors away from the cold and rain. I start longing for outdoor adventures and taking my camera with me documenting bits along the way as we go.

It can be incredibly hard to find inspiration in the winter months and the lack of natural light outside, with the evenings drawing in early, really dampens my enthusiasm to photograph. So you could imagine my delight when we had a good spell of mild weather in the middle of February, which also coincided with our school's half-term.  

For this month’s ‘Free 52’ freelensing circle, I chose to share my freelensed pictures from our half-term adventures. It was so good to step outside in the sunshine, spend a lot of time adventuring and exploring new places. I managed to soak up enough vitamin D before the sudden arrival of snow across the country last week from the ‘Beast of the East’.

I’ll save the images from our snowy adventure for next month. For now, I want to focus on soaking up this light. A glimmer of hope that Spring is on its way.

Go now to my friend, Renee Barth, to see her gorgeous work in the freelensing circle. 

Freelensing is a camera technique where you detach the lens from the camera body and keeping the lens close to the camera body, you tilt or rotate the lens to change the focal plane. To see previous examples of my freelensing entries, click on 'thefree52project' hashtag below.