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It was two weeks before Christmas. We drew back the curtains to find snow falling outside our window and two little, excited faces staring at the scene outside with wide gazes and wonder. It prompted my youngest to immediately declare it was “The best day ever!”, even though the day had only just begun. Taking little chance of the snow lasting past the end of the day we quickly went out to go play in the snow. I took my camera along to take some photographs, but it was challenging with the snow falling and making sure water did not get inside my camera. I managed to improvise with a clear sandwich bag and took a handful of freelensed pictures for our monthly blog circle.

Here are just a few from the snow day:

The next day some of the snow had melted, but school was closed so we got the opportunity to venture out into the snow again.



In contrast to the white snowy scene, it was bright, vibrant colours at the North Pole Winter Festival and Fun fair. The children wanted to take a look inside the winter attraction after a day out to watch a Christmas pantomime in Cambridge. They had wanted to go on the ice rink, but it was getting late so we walked around and went on some rides instead.

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