Extended Family Photoshoot in Wandlebury Country Park | Cambridge Family Photographer

It was a hot, sunny day in late spring when I met Caro and her family for an extended family photoshoot in Wandlebury Country Park. 

Wandlebury Country Park sits on the Gog Magog Hills, just south of Cambridge. The family had chosen the country park for their photoshoot as it was one of their favourite locations for going on their family walks. With its long winding footpaths through woodland and meadows you can see why they love this place.

The blistering sun was already out when the photoshoot took place during mid-morning. The family decided to seek shade and head for a walk in the woods around the remains of the Iron Age hillfort. I wasn’t sure if you can still see some of the remains, but the family did try to point out to me a glimpse of Cambridge City in the distance from one of the viewpoints.

I got to know Caro, who is a French family lifestyle photographer, through social media and then through our collaboration in the Artefact Motherhood Project. We had met for the first time a couple of days before, but when she said she was coming to Cambridge to visit some relatives with her family, I was honoured to be invited along to photograph her and her family, documenting their time together as they caught up with their English side of the family.

Everyone was quick to relax in front of the camera. The initial shyness of the youngest girl soon melted away as we walked and talked together, while her older sister confidently strolled ahead from the group at times to explore parts of the woods. It was just like a normal family outing, which is how the documentary family photography sessions are usually run. You don’t have to do anything different or dress differently to how you normally do. You can be yourself while I capture everyone and all the natural connections you have with each other. This makes the documentary photography session fun, natural and relaxed for everyone to enjoy.

We finished the session by relaxing under the shade of the cherry blossom trees on the grounds of the country estate and doing a relaxed family portrait in front of the hall itself. 

 Girl carrying her pink rucksack walking across a field
 A mum putting a pink flower in her daughter's hair
 Mum and daughter taking a stroll together during a family photoshoot in Wandlebury Country Park
 Black and white photograph of a mum and dad running around in a field and their daughter leaping into the air.
 A baby reaching out to cling onto his cousin in a family photography session in Cambridge
 A father swinging his baby in the air on a family photoshoot with Diana Hagues Photography
 A signpost in Wandlebury Country Park
 A large family party going on a country walk around Wandlebury Country Park in Cambridge
 Black and white photograph of family as the baby sits in his mother's arm and reaching out for tree branches
 Freelensing photo of a little girl with hair blowing across her face
 Black and white photograph of a mum tending to her daughter whilst sitting on the ground in strong tree shadows
 A mother holds her two daughters close for hugging them together
 A baby learns to walk to his mother on a family photoshoot with Cambridge photographer Diana Hagues Photography
 Black and white photograph of a father and daughter relaxing on the grass in the grounds of Wandlebury Country Park, Cambridgeshire
 A family relaxes on the grass under the shade of a tree taken in Wandlebury country park in Cambridge
 Black and white photograph of a mother and baby relaxing together under the shade of a cherry blossom tree in Wandlebury country park, Cambridge
 A girl tenderly presses her face against her mother in a black and white photograph taken by Cambridge family photographer Diana Hagues
 Relaxed family group photo at Wandlebury Country Park in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
 Fun family photo in a documentary family photograph

Diana Hagues Photography is an international award-winning documentary family photographer based in Cambridgeshire. Diana specialises in creating natural, candid and emotive storytelling family photos through her day-in-the-life and family storytelling sessions. You can email me to find out how to book at hello@dianahaguesphotography.co.uk