Storytelling photography: creating memories and documenting a single snapshot in time | by Cambridgeshire photographer Diana Hagues

Today was one of those days that I call, “the end of an era”. My baby was no longer a baby. No, it was not his birthday. He had, in fact, just finished his last day in preschool, ready to start reception after the summer.

I guessed I had braced myself for this moment. I mean this was second-time round for me after seeing my first child leave the same nursery and start school. So in essence this was just history repeating itself. Only history have a habit of returning as flashbacks in our memories....Ever heard of 'Flashback Friday'? Today was one.

So, in the run-up to my son's last day in nursery, I had many occurences of flashbacks; picking through my memory trying to remember what he was like, not just as a baby, but a year ago. I know we had done many things together – playgroups, mummy and me days out, visiting the park. I know time was short, so we crammed in a lot. Luckily, I had my camera with me most of those times to document those moments, in case we forget.

Sadly, we do forget. Those pictures – single snapshots of a moment in time, but a lifetime of memories to treasure.

Childhood photo collage by Cambridge family storytelling photographer Diana Hagues