I'm Diana. I'm a documentary photographer in Cambridgeshire, specialising in baby, couples and family photography. I love telling stories through imagery and capturing emotions and connections.

I was born in Hong Kong, grew up outside London and now live near Cambridge. I like to think that's why I am an adventurer - I love travel and fun exploration! 

My adventure and love of photography started from a young age. My dad had a Kodak film camera that he took around all the time taking our family pictures. Watching him and seeing the photographs shared with distant relatives, as well as displayed in our home and albums, made me realise the importance that photographs have in connecting us to our loved ones and providing a tangible means of revisiting emotions and memories in our past.

Photographs have formed a part of my history. Now that I have a family with two young children of my own, I care about capturing moments of their joy and the tears and preserving memories for them, but not only that, getting in the frame as well so they have physical images of every one in the family to look back on.

I would love to do the same for you too – capturing a moment in your life and telling your story so they can cherished by you and for your generations to come.

Now I've told you a little bit about my world, talk to me and tell me about yours.

Diana x