Natural And Authentic Wedding Photography To Tell Your Story

I love a good story. From listening to how you both met during an informal chat at your pre-wedding consultation, to the fun stories shared in the wedding speeches and with your guests. There is one story that I feel privileged to photograph and that is capturing the authentic emotions, fun moments and natural spontaneity of your wedding day.  

Candid Documentary Wedding Photography

My approach to documenting your wedding is to shoot the day as it naturally unfolds in a photojournalistic manner. I shoot for couples who want something different and unique and are conscious of wanting to spend more time with their guests than posing for portraits with their photographer. The best photographs I create comes from not contriving or directing moments, having a real connection with my couples, and seeing you feel relaxed and enjoying the company of those you love around you without any of you realising I am there.

At the heart of my photography, I look for and capture the raw emotions and genuine moments in your wedding, because I believe your photographs should reflect the true story of your wedding day, not just how it looked but felt as well. Whether you are the fun, creative and adventurous type or like the small intimacy of a wedding, my goal is to provide an honest and beautiful documentation of your day that record these wonderful memories as you experienced and remember it. The resulting series of photographs I deliver will be richly emotive and unique and artistic using storytelling imagery to allow you to relive and cherish this day forever.

Want to hear what one couple have to say about their wedding experience with me? You can click play to listen below.

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