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Photographing newborns brings back a flood of memories. The sweet smell of baby skin, the way they perfectly nestle in your arms, their tiny fingers wrapped around yours. You can quite happily sit in one spot on the sofa cradling them while they sleep soundly on you. There’s also the projectile emissions so timely caught on your shoulders and the endless nappy changes. 

It’s the mix of these honest and real moments that become some of your fondest memories of the early baby years. They are also my favourite captures to make for you as you all get to know each other, discover or re-discover this beautiful period in your lives. 

Then 10, 20 or 30 years from now you get to recount it all back to them with photographs to tell their stories. Maybe this little one will even share these images with their own family one day too.

When three becomes four 

I went to photograph this family with their lovely young child and newborn earlier in the autumn. It was a crisp, sunny day. There was a peacefulness as I stepped inside their home with the baby fast asleep in her mother’s arms, and her toddler sister hanging around her mother’s legs as she shyly came to inspect who I was. 

We calmly got to know each other, the whole family, and very quickly big sister became her lively self.

As with photographing all my newborn photography sessions, I never entirely know what I am going to get, especially when younger (or older) siblings are involved. I simply go with the flow of the baby and family. There is no routine during this period, no rush even to be anywhere or expectations for things to happen. 

As baby sister slept in-between nappy changes and feed, I captured each parent taking turns with their oldest daughter and keeping her entertained. A little whirlwind of activity, but this is how two-year-olds are. 

It is this beautiful chaos to which their baby girl have been welcomed into the family home. I was honoured to get to freeze these moments for them and give them a beautiful story of this wonderful special period in their lives.

Black and white photograph of a young family of four sitting tog
Girl plays with the little tikes farm black and white photograph
Black and white photograph of a mother's hand playing with her c
Black and white photograph of a mum kissing her baby's forehead
Black and white photograph of father putting sock on his daughte
Mum and daughter playing with a ball outside in the garden on a
Mum and daughter dressed in red playing with the brown leaves in
Mum and daughter walking around in the garden
Black and white photograph of a little girl holding onto her mot
Young toddler raises her hand with raisin in her hand
Child handing raisin to her mum's hand from her red bowl
Father cradling his baby in his arms on the sofa
Baby holding her father's finger and making eye contact
Parents cuddling up with their baby on the sofa whilst linking h
Toddler plays with red earring tassel against baby's head
Toddler with blue eyes looks straight at the camera

The mother loved these freelensed images I took that artistically captured her baby’s special features.

Freelensed photograph of baby's head and shoulder on a blue and
Freelensed photograph of baby's feet on soft woolly rug
Black and white photograph of mother lying next to her baby on a

Diana Hagues Photography is a documentary photographer based near Cambridge, specialising in family, newborn, maternity and also motherhood and day-in-the-life sessions. Find out more about the sessions I offer here. Get in touch to book a session via my contact form.

Real Motherhood Stories | Documentary Newborn and Family Photography | Peterborough, Ely and Cambridge family photographer

Time passes quickly.

It’s a phrase I hear a lot time-and-time again.

Watching your children grow up right in front of your eyes. Your life intertwined in theirs and they in yours.

It’s not only moments that they get to share with you, but also the memories you will make together that enriches their worlds and yours too. 

Real Motherhood Stories is designed to use the power of photography to capture a beautiful glimpse of your real motherhood moments to create an authentic and meaningful legacy for you and your children. The one-hour long documentary photoshoots capture you at home with your children, in which a relaxed conversation will take place at the end of the session to record some of your words to go alongside your photographs.  

To find out about how to book a Real Motherhood Stories, email Diana I would love to hear from fathers and grandparents too who would like a similar session especially as well! 

A few images taken from a motherhood session recently:

Girl holding her baby sister at home
A mother and her older daughter and baby
Eye connection between mother and her baby
Baby smiling on her changing table
Storytelling photo of a baby on the changing mat
Mother and daughter choosing baby clothes in the bedroom
Baby laying on a star-patterned bed duvet
Mother helps dress her baby
Black and white photograph of three siblings together
Mother plays with her baby on the playmat
Black and white photograph of girl learning to cartwheels in the
Mother and her young son in the kitchen
At the kitchen sink
Over the kitchen table
Planting seeds at the kitchen table
Black and white photograph of an everyday scene in the kitchen
Mother and her baby natural portrait at home
Black and white photograph of mother holding her baby's hands
Mother breastfeeding her baby at home
Baby holding onto her mother's hand

Diana Hagues Photography in Top 100 Photography Blogs UK | Cambridge & Cambridgeshire | Newborn, children, family and wedding documentary photographer

I got an email the other week from the founder of Feedspot (ever heard of them?) who wrote to inform me that my blog and website has been selected as one of the Top 100 UK Photography Blogs

At first, I have to admit that I ignored the email. I've only been blogging for about six months, a little after I launched my photography website and business, which then (scarily) placed me on the map with other photographers for other people to see my photography work. I wasn't even sure where my blogging efforts were going or if people were finding or reading my blogs. So you would forgive me for ignoring the message when I was told about this award. As lovely as it is, I'm not a writer and I'm certainly more comfortable with a camera than a pen, or perhaps a computer keyboard, for that matter.

UK Top 100 Photography Blog. Diana Hagues Photography is a Cambridgeshire-based family photographer offering documentary family photography to capture the all-important connections and genuine emotions in newborns, children and families.

However, writing blog posts have become part-and-parcel of what I do. It is a platform for me to engage with my audience; you, current clients and maybe potential ones too. It's not only a place to showcase my documentary family photography sessions, and hopefully some wedding photography may be coming in the pipeline later on. 

My photography blog is also somewhere I'm proud to be able to raise awareness and the profile of documentary family photography. A style of photography, which is still in its infancy in the UK (more popular in the US), but is becoming a choice of family photography investment by families and couples nowadays. Choosing documentary family photography over standing in a studio and having a portrait taken, or doing something similar outdoors or in an in-home lifestyle photography photoshoot. I plan to write more about this soon.

Capturing real-life and authentic family moments in a documentary family session with Diana Hagues Photography

Whatever it is, families now want and need family photos that better represent who they are as a family and as individuals, as opposed to something in front of a plain backdrop. It means you get truly meaningful photos captured and created for you that speaks about your family life and dynamics. In that sense, documentary family photography is very much a lifestyle choice. So my photography blog is also a lifestyle blog for families to get an idea of what documentary family photography is about and be able to make an informed choice with their investment. You could also get some photography tips and ideas, such as in my last post on Six creative ideas to take your family pictures.

Pampas grass in the sunlight

Lastly, my photography blog is a place for me to share some of my creative photography projects. For example, the freelensing Free 52 project that I have been doing with a group of other amazing talented photographers worldwide is now in it's third year (I joined in the second year). Thus, the blog aims to provide inspiration not only for the non-photographers, but also people who aspire to become better photographers too.

So, thank you Feedspot for selecting my blog and website to be in your Top 100 Photography blog UK list. I'm honoured to be in this list and thank you to everyone who has taken the time to visit, read and liked or comment on my posts. It is so appreciated.

What photography posts do you like reading? Any tips, shares or ideas you'd like to suggest and want me to write about? Write a comment below with your thoughts. I'd love to hear from you. Or if you are a blogger or a small business yourself and would like to collaborate with me, then get in touch


Diana x  

Diana Hagues Photography is a documentary family photographer who specialises in photographing families, small children, newborn and couples. Her style is deeply emotive lending itself to beautiful storytelling of the subjects she captures. Get in touch to book a session and find out more