Love in Tiny Spaces: Newborn photography in Cambridge | Cambridgeshire Documentary Family Photos

Walking into Alison and Geoff’s home, there was an immediate feeling of a sense of light and coziness. The light shining into their studio apartment, particularly through the orange blind in their bedroom added a touch of warmth. The walls in their home displaying artwork told meaningful stories of their travels to which it formed the perfect backdrop for their newborn family photos that morning, one day last autumn.

Alison had got in touch with me to book a last minute newborn photography session. At the time, she had told me that her baby was due imminently and she wanted some memories of these early precious days. Between our emails back-and-forth, they booked their newborn photo session and tentatively put in a date in our diaries. 

As it turned out, their baby boy arrived nearly two weeks overdue and Alison got in touch soon after. When I arrived their 10-day-old newborn baby son was sleeping soundly in his cot. 

Alison and Geoff were both so easy-going and relaxed throughout their photo session, while I gently moved around and captured their beautiful connections with their baby. There is no need for posing during a documentary newborn session — we go with the flow of the baby and mother —  which always makes these kind of sessions more authentic to you as well as being very relaxed. 

I took photographs of mother and baby nursing while Geoff watched on.  Alison had said that nursing was a particularly special time for all three of them. They also wanted to remember this stage of how small their baby son was, as well as documenting the feelings of seeing his sleepy smiles, cuddles and the baby smell so they can remember how it felt when they look back in their photos. 

Some highlights from this session:

Documentary newborn photo shoot in the bedroom at a Cambridge re
Black and white photography of a baby resting on his mother's ch
Make up brushes and breast milk container lies by the side of th
Nursery details during a newborn photo session in Cambridge, UK
Dad carries his baby on his chest framed by window and orange bl
Family portrait of two parents smiling at their baby during an i
Hands details of parents holding their baby by Diana Hagues Phot
Connection photo with mum's hand placed gently on her baby's che
Mums smiling happily at her baby during a baby photo shoot in Ca
Baby looking up at his father's face smiling
Black and white photograph of two parents with their baby in the
Documentary photograph of congratulations cards and newborn deta
Mother nursing her baby on the purple sofa
Freelensed photo of baby in mother's arms
Reflection in the mirror of  a mother bending to give her baby a

Diana Hagues is an award-winning documentary newborn, family and wedding photographer, who specialises in making photographs that captures the true feelings and authenticity of your story. Covering Cambridge, Ely, Huntingdon and Cambridgeshire as well as counties of Norfolk, Suffolk and beyond. Email me to receive more information about booking a photography session at

Click & Company's 100 Female Photographers To Watch 2019 | Click Magazine | Cambridgeshire Family and Wedding Photographer, Diana Hagues Photography

I am proud to be part of a large global community of female photographers who are demonstrating their passion for photography, showing their voice and sharing their vision with the world. I am proud to know many incredible, gifted female photographers who are inspiring others with their work or personal photographs. More importantly, I am proud to be part of something special that proudly celebrates and recognises these female photographers, as well as be an organisation that help and support all photographers in their vision and journey to become better photographers.

Thank you Clickin Moms. It was a surprise and privilege to find out this week that I have been included in Click & Company’s 2019 list of 100 Female Photographers to Watch.


Click magazine Jan/Feb issue 2019

Another lovely surprise that came earlier this week was the arrival of the Click Magazine featuring a special edition of the images from all the winners and semi-finalists of the 2018 VOICE Collection.

Click magazine Jan/Feb 2019 - VOICE collection - Special edition
Click magazine 2018 VOICE collection - Semi-finalist Diana Hague
Click magazine 2018 VOICE collection - Semi-finalist Diana Hague

Project 52: A personal journey through self-portraiture in 2018 | #P52radness Self-Portrait project | Diana Hagues Photography

2018 was about rediscovery and being fearless.

It wasn’t intentional, but somehow it seemed the most logical thing to do. It wasn’t so much as redefining who I am, as realigning the values I have as an artist and photographer along with all the other familiar hats I wear as well. It was about cultivating and nurturing my voice - a creative voice - and safeguarding it from the self-doubts or voices that goes on externally and keeps us staying within our comfort zone. As an artist, I believe in showing authenticity as well as pushing the boundaries of our vision and creativity. I believe I more than did so last year.

Self-portraiture and P52radness

Last year, I continued my journey in self-portraiture with the P52radness group. This group has been instrumental in bringing together a supportive network of female artists to see the value of self-portraits and get themselves in front of the lens. It was a pleasure to watch some of these ladies grow and to see their artistry. They are breaking their own preconceptions of what self-portraiture is about, which invites us to look deeper within ourselves, explore vulnerability and truly embrace who we are.

When I first got involved with the P52 project, my intention was to create images with my children so I am in the frame with them and have photographs to show I was there too. I get incredibly sentimental and nostalgic over long-forgotten moments, and photographs are one way to bring back the memory of a loved one.

This last year though I had to admit that my self-portraits were more an exploration of my self, my emotions and the voice I wanted to express inside. I was ok with that. More than anything I found self-portraiture helped me to connect with my emotions and understand myself, which is important to me as an artist. You don’t get the full story unless you know the person behind the images, and part of me, is the creative - the artist. My children will have images that show that side of me, and I am also proud to say, a few of my portraits have made its way into publications, including the very recent announcement of the Click & Co Voice Collection.

Through the themed self-portrait challenges in our P52radness group, I pushed myself ever harder, creatively and technically, than I did before. I learnt new things along the way. Above all, I learnt to share a story and a voice that is authentically my own.

2018 collection of self-portraits

Below are some of the portraits of me made last year.

Several artists have connected together to share our journeys and self-portraits in a blog circle. If you want to see more incredible self-portraits, go to Melissa Ortendahl Photography the next artist and follow the circle until you reach back to me.

Starting your own self-portraits

For those who are considering to embark on giving self-portraits a go, you might find these two guides I wrote helpful: You, Your photos, Your legacy | Part I: Self-portraiture & getting in the frame of your family photos and Part II: SIX fun & creative ideas to get in your family photos and show your kids you were there too. Feel free to ask me any questions about making self-portraits in the comment boxes below or send me an email - if you are willing to share about your journey in self-portraiture I’d love to hear from you.