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A bespoke photography experience for you and your family

Whether it is the belly laughs of a child being tickled, the warmth in the eyes of parents looking on at their child with joy and pride, or the tender embrace of couples. Each family is different and has a story that is unique to them. That is why I believe in creating a bespoke photography experience for you, going beyond the traditional poses, to capture those candid expressions and connections that uniquely tells your story and says who you are.

Before a shoot, I like to get to know my clients first. I like to find out about what you would like from your shoot. You may have seen my portfolio and found a selection of images you liked. You can also expect me to fill you in on what will happen during your session so to put your mind at ease before it begins.

On the day itself and depending on the location we have agreed on, I will photograph you either in your home or outdoors somewhere, like a park. We may even have time to move between the two as your session typically lasts 1.5-2 hours, which allows me to get a variety of shots in different settings and light. I find that as time progresses is when the magic usually begins to happen. That point when everyone feels relaxed and just happy interacting with each other, even perhaps not noticing I am there is my favourite! It allows me to truly capture your family dynamics and meaningful moments as they naturally occur. I'll always aim to make my sessions fun and relaxed for everyone involved, and will use games or prompts if necessary.

After your session, I will select and edit the best images (in colour and black & white), where upon they will be sent to you in a private gallery 2-3 weeks later. You will then be able to select images of your choice to have as print and digital files. Have a look at my pricing to see what I offer and get in touch to book a session.

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Day in the life sessions

This a longer session lasting several hours (typically 4-6hrs) and are for families who would like the chance to have a part of their everyday moments captured. I use documentary style photography to follow your family around for half a day and photograph all of you as you spend a typical part of your day together, whether it is in your own home, a walk to the shops or visit to the local park. This session is a unique way to document your family life as it truly happens.


Occasionally I offer mini-shoots 2-3 times a year. These are typically shorter shoots lasting half an hour in a pre-chosen location, such as a park or woodland. They are different to the storytelling sessions I offer above, but they do give a taster to what a longer session may entail and how I work. You can subscribe to my mailing list to be informed when they happen and also 'Like' my Facebook page for news and updates too.