TOGETHER: TEN female family photographers share their beautiful images to celebrate this special meaning at the most festive time of year

2017 has been full of many wonderful highlights. From a personal perspective, I have seen a tremendous growth in my photography and it was the first time I really stepped out to photograph other families other than my own. It's been both fun and challenging, and with everything, a whole learning curve to go with it.

Without a doubt, I could not have got through this year without my supportive husband, kids and also friends who have encouraged and guided me to where I am today. Many of these friends are female photographers who come from all over the world; of which a number of them are in the UK and who I have been honoured to connect with and meet in real-life.

Together they are inspirational women that know how to bring empathy, creativity, love and light in their work to create visual stories - whether it'll be in birth, maternity, family documentary or lifestyle, couple and wedding photography. They inspire me daily and have become an important community and network to go to for guidance and support.

In celebration of this time of year and the spirit of community, I have asked this group of extremely talented British female photographers to each share one image that best represents the meaning of 'TOGETHER' for them. Their captures and messages alongside are incredibly heart-warming. (Click on their names to visit and see more of their beautiful work).

Let me know in the comments - which image is YOUR favourite? How do you celebrate being together with your loved ones and what does that mean to YOU?

Enjoy and a very happy Christmas x

1. Sara-Dee Impey, BubbleMoon Photography

"A moment of fun when shared with a friend is a memory created that will never end."

Girls in baking fun - Bubble Moon Photography.jpg

2. Amanda Jane Dalby Photography

‘Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.’ - Vincent Van Gogh

The simple times of stillness are by far the best. I’m looking forward to a Christmas of slowing down and simply being together with my little and big loves.  

Together amongst the leaves - Amanda Jane Dalby Photography.jpg

3. Maja Tsolo Photography

In our fast paced society the most precious moments are the ones when we can slow down and just enjoy being together with our loved ones. 

New baby - Maja Tsolo Photography.JPG

4. Kathleen Sadler, KMGS photography

"Togetherness is companionship, loyalty, respect. Confidence and level-headedness with oneself or unity with others. Togetherness is strength."

Couple in love outside gatehouse - KMGS photography.jpg

5. Abigail Fahey Photography

Together you simultaneously scared me to death and made me love you infinitely more whilst I watch you help each other recover from the most hideous illness. Together you over came and made me intensely proud and grateful.

Child on hospital bed - Abigail Fahey.jpg

6. Anna Bradley Photography 

All my family together in one frame, enjoying the view from Chateaux Chambord, Loire Valley.

Family photo by the window - Anna Bradley photography.jpg

7. Carla Monge Photography

Together ~

We are all intertwined, therein lies the beauty of our story.

Outstretched arms to water - Carla Monge Photography.jpg

8. Leila Balin Photography

"My favourite way to adventure is together with these two, the dog and my bearded beauty of a husband. To be soppy about it, and I love a bit of soppy, they are my together."

Little boys on an adventure - Leila Balin Photography

9. Vicki Hull Photography

This image is a simple family portrait filled with love and connection. Sometimes life throws obstacles in our path but if we stick together and support each other we can find a way around them, which is just what this family did. 

Family portrait in golden hour - Vicki Hull Photography

10. Diana Hagues Photography

Our daily rituals and simple treats like a trip to the coffee shop are moments I never want to take for granted. It is these little celebrations of life that we get to share together. 

Family time in Cafe Nero - Cambridge - Diana Hagues Photography.jpg